The Diary of a Delusional Drama Queen

Welcome to the official site of The Diary of a Delusional Drama Queen. Here you will find both articles and life updates on the original DDQ herself, Abbie. This diary was published as a way to keep you all entertained but also to help Abbie with her thoughts and feelings. Journals are always good to look back on.

Recent Posts…


Abbie is an LGBTQ+ Ally, a blogger of feels, a frequent tea drinker and a big overthinker. She began writing a journal in her teen years and wanted to publish parts of it online as a way of helping with her mental health. Albeit, she couldn’t post all as she would get into trouble.

Throughout her life, Abbie, has been referred too as a Drama Queen and often portrays herself as a ‘famous diva’ showing her delusional side. With that ‘Diary of a Delusional Drama Queen’ was born.

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Do you have particular topics you’d like to see discussed? Let us know and we can collaborate or open the channels of debate up.

I love interacting with everyone of you so please do get in touch.

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