She remembered who she was, and the game changed.

I hate quotes. I hate those people on Instagram that post quotes that somehow mean nothing to them, especially those random ones that were supposedly said by Marilyn Monroe. Yet here I am, sharing a quote as the first post of my new blog. Crazy huh?! Guess you could now say I’m one of those annoying motivational people…without the motivation.

Those of you who know me will know that I used to blog on Saving for Chanel, that was my primary fashion blog where I ripped the shit out of celebrities for wearing ugly clothes. I hardly made time for it, and I guess you could say I’ve grown up. Not that I don’t love fashion anymore, I just feel as though we should build each other up rather than tear each other down. However, it was all just my dry humour and that will never stop.

So, what’s this new blog about you may ask? This is my place. A place where I can talk about what I want and leave it open to discussion with the general public. A place where I can share my feelings, and hope that some of you too can share yours. Being open and honest really helps me figure things out, it’s sort of a therapy. The name ‘Diary of a Delusional Drama Queen’ comes from my online Penzu journal which I did consider making public, however I would be in serious trouble with certain people and code names just aren’t my thing. As mentioned above, here I will show you my life, talk about how I’m feeling, maybe talk about what’s going on in the world. Just anything and everything. Some may find this boring, but for me it’s therapeutic.

Now as for my relation to this cringey quote. Over the past few months I hadn’t been feeling myself, I’m not going to go into too much detail about why as I respect people and do not drag people through the mud no matter how much they hurt me. Long story short, I was put down and made to feel small. A bubbly confident girl like myself lost her shine and most definitely my closest friends could see it. It took me five months to realise what had been happening and I’d lost my self confidence, something that I knew I had a lot of. Realising that something was not right, I made positive changes and changed my outlook. Right now, I’m glad to say that I’m on the right track. I’m not 100% there but I will be. In fact, I have contacted Thinking Ahead which is a counselling program in the UK. They deal with anxiety and depression (something that I’m no stranger too, I plan on blogging about this) as well as other things like grief counselling and self worth classes. I’m not afraid to say that I will be seeing a counsellor, talking and especially journaling really helps me articulate my feelings and if I can help other people whilst I am doing those things then all the better. Onwards and upwards folks, life will get better.

I have lots of exciting things coming up including a Dubai trip for work and seeing the iconic Queen Cher. I literally cannot cope! It’s going to be amazing. Here will be the ups & downs of my life, and I hope you can join me on this journey. I’m really open to audience participation too, so if you have things you’d like me to discuss email

So the point of this first blog post was to introduce you to it, see if you liked the vibe and also for me to express my feelings because boy do I have a lot. I’m an emotional mess haha! But guess what, I’m remembering who I was before I felt so low and I’m definitely on my way back.

Again, I hope you can join me on my crazy journey throughout life! It’s hard being a human!

Sending lots of love and positivity to those out there who need it. My inbox is always open.

All the best,


I even cut off all my hair to make me feel better, and I do. It’s amazing what a change in look can do.

Side note; my opinions are my opinions. I know others will differ and I love that! Opening discussions and debates are my fave.

8 thoughts on “She remembered who she was, and the game changed.

  1. You are a beautiful confident human. We all make mistakes in this journey called life, they are simply learning curves.
    We are always learning.


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