Let’s talk about my ‘Brad Pitts’…

Hey guys! As you may have noticed these blog posts aren’t going to be regular, they’re going to be shared as and when I feel like posting. Like I’ve said before, this is my diary and I’m choosing to share the parts of it that can be publicised. Others cannot, as if you know me you know that I’m extremely opinioted and swear like a sailor. This blog aims to be a little more ‘PC’ as you can tell from the title.

So, this post leads me to let you in on this exciting journey I’m about to embark on. Before I do go into detail I want to make the same disclaimer as I do on every post. This is not for attention but for educating purposes. There will be women everywhere who feel the same as me and will want to follow this journey, just like I have stalked and followed theirs for months. I have done extensive research into cosmetic surgery / breast augmentations and know the risk. The MYA Clinic in Manchester have been fabulous and provided a pack full of information. Something I will go into on a new post when the time comes.

Below is a quick video to explain what has been happening…

As stated in the short video, I will go into more detail about things if people would want me too, I’m not sure about the vlogging as I prefer to write too, so I will most likely write about my experience. Since filming this video in Dubai I have booked the surgery date and decided to go for ‘New Year, New Boobs’, January 15th cannot come quick enough. I’m booked in at the First Trust Hospital in Preston, and I know a few women who have had theirs done at this hospital by Mr Traynor and they have all had fabulous results.

I know in myself that I have made the right decision for me, as this is only my decision to make. Nobody elses and I am empowered by that. Stay tuned for more updates on the boob journey! Only 4 more months to go!!

“If I want to put my tits on my back, it’s nobody’s business but my own” – Cher 2002.

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