This is a Woman’s World

Cherilyn Sarkisian, you have my whole heart and in all honesty, ‘All I really wanna do, is baby be friends with you’. That’s right folks! I will indeed fill this post with as many Cher related puns as I can because I damn well can.

The 24th October will certainly go down in history as one of the best nights of my life, the iconic Cher graced us with her prescence performing another concert. She’s had at least a decade of farewell tours but is back and performing as if shes never had a break! The woman is 73!! Her vocals were incredible and I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

I’d been working in the day, and everytime I thought about Cher I literally got those excitment shits. Not to be crude but you all know what I’m talking about for sure. The butterflies just wouldn’t stop so I knew when the time to actually embark on our travels to Manchester Arena, I would feel totally sick. Sick in a nervous way. Outside of the Arena my heart was beating and I couldn’t ‘Believe’ I was going to be in the same room as Cher. Fucking CHER. I’ve loved her forever, and quite honestly I have no idea how she was introduced to me. My Mum had never played her, it was always ABBA in the car for us but I think Cher’s campness and theatricality called to the inner Drama Queen in me. Plus, lets be honest she does have some banging songs.

The show started with Paul Young (Yawn, the USA got Nile Roders & Chic for the supporting act. Gutted!), I literally had no idea who Paul was but as soon as I saw a grey haired man on the screen I though oh well lets give him a go. I have a thing for silver foxes LOL. Let me tell you, I was totally wrong. Paul Young is a no go for me. The camera zooming in did not give me the Silver Fox I was looking for. God damn my Sugar Daddy obsession. Anyway, moving on. A montage of Cher filled the screen, documenting her life and career. At that moment, I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I’d already been an emotional mess that week (read The Desperation for Happiness post) so this was really making me cry. I just felt proud. Proud of her as a person. I don’t know the gal personally but I know that Cher does not believe in herself as much as you’d think. Hence the Oscar’s speech for ‘Moon Struck’ –

“I don’t think that this means that I am somebody, but I guess I’m on my way” – Cher 1998 60th Academy Awards

If Cher saw me crying what would she do? “She’d slap me and iconically say “Snap out of it!” LOL

Despite all of the fame and success, there lies an amazing, compassionate woman and thats what I admire her for most. Her love for the LGBTQ+ community, her hate for dickhead Donald and Bellend Boris and her feminism just make my heart full. I’d recently read that Cher last thought she was pretty in 1987, she literally is every woman in the world. A superstar like her has insecurites just like the rest of us, she’s relatable and even more so relatable to me as she has a trans child. I have a trans brother. (See post: How to be an Ally) I know to some degree how she felt.

As a youngster, she never fit in with her family. She is half Armenian and didn’t look like her Mother or Sister, she felt like an outsider and it wasn’t until Sonny came along helping her become a star that she realised she was someone special.

After my teary outburst, Cher appeared in a daring, electric blue wig singing “Womans World” hanging from the ceiling done in true Cher style. Iconic. All night I sang my heart out to classics such as; Strong Enough, Believe, Shoop Shoop Song, Walking in Memphis, I Found Someone, I Got You Babe (With an on screen Sonny Bono!) and of course Turn Back Time. To end the show she performed Believe, and guess what? I cried. Of course it was upsetting to know the incredible show had come to an end but I was again overwhelmed. Any Cher song has the ability to cheer me up and after this past few weeks I needed it.

Just recently, as you know I haven’t been feeling myself and lost all self worth. I just didn’t believe in myself but hearing Cher sing sort of reignighted the fire inside of me. Cringe, I know. I hate when people say shit like that but it’s true. She’s my hero and she wouldn’t sit moping around, waiting for the depression to further sink in. She’d get up and perfom to the best of her ability. If Cher is 73 and can perform every couple of nights then I’m sure 21 year old me can muster up enough energy to live my life.

Below I’ve linked the Canadian version of the show, purely because my videos have me singing for my life in the background and I honestly thought I could hold a tune…that evidence says otherwise. Those who say “I’m not bad at performing Cher’s Shoop Shoop song when I’m pissed” are liars! Instilled false confidence in me, LOL.

Please note: This is not my video. Outfits are slightly different also.

Cher, you are my absolute hero and I thank you from the deep pits of my black heart for making me realise that I should ‘Believe’ in myself and that I am ‘Strong Enough’ to get through any battle, especially the daily one that goes on in my mind. I love you so much. I’ve always got you babe.

Lots of love,

Your biggest fan, the Delusional Drama Queen.

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