My Thrupenny Bits – Part 2

Hey guys, I’m starting to get into this vlogging malarkey but will always find time to write, thats my true passion.

I’ve finally got around to filiming stages one, two and three of the MYA Cosmetic Surgery journey. This includes the first inital consultation, the meeting with the surgeon and the pre operative appointment. I’ve made this for girls who are thinking of getting this procedure done, however I’m sure future videos once I have had the surgery will be more educational. There is not a lot I can do right now except answer questions on what the process is like up until surgery.

Please watch the video below if this strikes your interest.

Thanks for watching the video. Not every video is going to be about the BA process, no way. It’s just currently what’s going on at the moment. I plan on having another video out before the end of the year, to look back on 2019. It’s good to look back at the ups and downs, and to look at what I am most grateful for.

Again, thanks for tuning in. More content to come!

Love, the Delusional Drama Queen, Abs


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