2019 – Thanks but No Thanks.

I’ve only gone and bloody made it! A whole year of up’s and downs and I’m still here to live to tell the tale of a basic bitches “New Year, New Me’.

2019 has been the year I learnt a lot about myself, I’ve experienced issues with body confidence, lost friends, felt my heart break and learnt how to ‘boss up & change my life’ (Thanks Lizzo.) It’s so easy to slip into a negative outlook, just like I’m glad to see 2019 disappear however I’m truly grateful for the blessings this year has given me.

After six short but gruelling months I left a job I truly hated. I was sold the dream of an amazing job in Business Travel and sure, it was Business Travel but it was essentially a call centre which I knew I didn’t want. Both the job and my mental health weren’t great at that time and it’s when I decided to leave that 2019 began. When I was really down, I was yet to know that my life would make a positive change.

Down and depressed, I searched endlessly for job opportunities. This is one of the most difficult things for anyone these days. There are jobs you need experience for but no one lets you experience it before employing you?! I was stuck in a cycle of rejection for a good few weeks until a friend offered me the job opportunitiy of a lifetime. I was offered to work from home for a Dubai based events & entertainment company. Something like this doesn’t come your way every day, so of course I said I wanted in! From this I’ve met some incredibly talented and driven people, and experienced life in the Sand Pit twice. I mean who gets to go to Dubai on the regs?! Oh that’s right…me!

MARCH 2019
March brought the very much anticipated holiday to Gran Canaria with my hoe bag pal (He ain’t a hoe, its just how I show affection alright?) Ben. We had the best time. Ben experienced his first Carrie Bradshaw Cosmopolitan, I asked a German if he spoke German (Obvs ya thick shit) and we spent many a night cleaning out Super Dino of their Frexinet Prosecco to then have 80’s pop quizzes on the balcony. It is probably one of the best holidays I’ve been on, don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as in my life. We stayed at the Radisson in Puerto Mogan, pure bliss for a chilled week away.

APRIL 2019
I took my first trip to Dubai in April. I’d been anxious about the impending trip for a while. Not because I had anything to be anxious about but more of the fact, I hated flying, had never been anywhere abroad on my own and never thought I’d get there. Just a few months earlier, I was feeling sick everytime I set foot out of the house so this was a kick ass achievement. I had an amazing time, I met my DXB work team for the first time, attended an awards ceremony, ate immense amounts of Nandos and shopped til I dropped. Oh I worked too… but not as much as I shopped LOL.

I also met one of the nicest girls out there, Georgina. Not to be cringe or anything but she is one of the most kick ass, no nonsense bitches I know. Definitely a blessing I met her. Oh and she totally bought me a Mario Badescu giftset and a ‘fuck you’ candle for Christmas, if that don’t say true friend then I don’t know what does.

MAY 2019
May was totally jam packed. I went to London for a little shopping trip with my brother, if ya didn’t know by now I literally visit other places to shop at the same shops we have here in Manchester. Lol. Then, Bridesmaids Dress shopping was on the cards for my cousins wedding in July 2020. We chose the exact ones we wanted and everybody is totally gonna style the shit out of them. Finally, I was asked to be Nellie Rae Cassidy’s God Mother. As if someone would ask me to be a God Mother?! I was shocked but totally grateful. I love little Nellie Noodles to bits, she’s definitely brightened all of our lives.

JUNE 2019
My brothers business Rainbow & Co. set up a stall at Blackpool Pride. I was eager to join and of course support a community that means so much to me. I did my makeup perfectly with the new Morphe Pride palette, stuck on some purple lipstick and was ready to shine. Funny story is, when we arrived it was pissing it down, we were situated in what can only be described as a tesco carrier bag tent near the sea and it was windy as hell. I rang my Dad crying and got a lift home from Blackpool, leaving my Mum and Brother to continue to sell in the rain. Soz folks, this Drama Queen cannot deal with a bit of rain.

JULY 2019
July was a wake up call for me, I left a shitty relationship after having enough of the back and forth over the previous months. We were on and off more than a feckin light switch. After I left, I realised I needed to have a total new outlook on life so I did the break up bob. New haircut, new life and I felt super empowered to conquer all. Girls it’s true, a ‘Shampoo press’ really does get them out of your hair. July wasn’t all bad, in fact, Delusional Drama Queen was born. The blog that has helped me through so much and I’m truly grateful to have.

Yay! The month I officially became Nellie’s God Mother. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and everyone scrubbed up right well. After the God Squad talk was over, we went back to my cousins for the after party and let me tell you, pouring wine into a pint glass is not big or clever. I drank a whole bottle of wine to myself without making the proper measurements and was hungover be 7pm that night. Wine headaches are the worst!

I also experienced Dubai again! This time I took a tour of the city, did some more shopping and sunbathed in 49 degree heat. For a casper like me, I’m surprised I even made it back to Manchester alive and not frazzled.

A lil trip to the Zoo and a stay over in Liverpool (my fave UK city) was in order. My brother loves the Zoo and I fancied it, so went along with him. I’ve decided I would like to own one of those little meerkats, they’re super cute but not as cute as the Tapirs. They’re lazy just like me. Total spirit animal. We also saw a monkey fully having a *Ham Shank* – I’ve never felt so violated at a Zoo.

We shopped like crazy in Liverpool (theres a common theme here) and the new Morphe store was open so I was absolutely hyped. We had a fab time.

*If ya don’t know what cockney rhyming slang is for Ham Shank. Google it, ya little eggplant*

Nellie Noodles turned one! I can’t believe how fast the year had gone, it only seemed like two minutes ago I was scared to hold her in the hospital in case I squished her head up. Ya know the little soft bit on a newborns head? Yeah rank. She’s now a sassy little diva just like her Mum and Auntie Abs. Love her.

October also brought me one of the best concerts of my life. Cher! A once in a lifetime opportunity and a Diva ticked off my bucket list. Easily the best part of 2019 for me. I really needed some fun and thats exactly what I had. My heart could burst with pride talking about Cher, so I’ll stop.

The birth month of this Delusional Drama Queen. Where would ya all be without me? Best thank my Mam & Dad for creating a superstar. This birthday was super special, even though twenty two doesn’t seem a special age, I just felt showered with love. Work had sent cake & prosecco to my door, my friend sent flowers with a cute positive quote and I had lots of cards and presents. I was completely overwhelmed.

I also visited Alton Towers with my Best Friend and Brother. We had an awesome time and if you havent ridden on the new rollercoaster ‘Wickerman’ you need too. I was crying laughing I loved it that much.

IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS. Not only was it Christmas, it was the return of the Shipman/West family. No not Harold or Rose and Fred for those serial killer creeps out there. Gavin & Stacey of course! – I was super excited to watch this and loved it. Not as much as I thought I would but I definitely have missed seeing Miss Pamela Shipman on our screens. Oh and Nessa, tidy.

2020 PLANS
I’ve never been one to do the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ speech but this year I am and I don’t even care. I’m leaving negativity behind in 2019 as well as certain people and going into 2020 with a new lease of life. My new knockers will be here soon, as will some exciting stuff for this blog and the brand Delusional Drama Queen. Keep your eyes peeled guys.

I wish you and your familys a happy and successful New Year. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year, wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Peace and love, hoe bags.

DDQ – Abs XO

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