Mama, I love you.

Well, this is a different type of post. It’s a special persons birthday tomorrow…well in about an hour to be precise. I’m really not one for emotional messages but I do like to show my appreciation, so what better time to write this Happy Birthday appreciation post to Louise P.

Happy Birthday Mum! You piss me off more than anyone in the world but I still love you. I love you for always being there for me no matter what, especially with this past year. You’re the kindest and most compassionate person and your friends would say the same. Both AJ and I are grateful for you even when we don’t always tell you, more so me because I don’t like to hug…or touch haha.

I am unbelievably proud of you as a Mum. If I ever need to talk, I know you’re there. You’ve helped me through anxiety, my low self esteem and my horrific mood swings. You’ve been the most supportive Mum to AJ, this is what makes me the proudest. Lots of parents unfortunately aren’t as loving as you and turn their children away when they come out as LGBTQ+ but you did everything you could to learn and educate yourself. Now you’re passing this knowledge onto more parents, making the world a much nicer place to live.

You deserve a lot of credit for bringing up two amazing children (me more amazing obvs) basically on your own. Without you I don’t think I’d be as clever as I am LOL. Thanks for that hun.

Thank you for all of the adventures too! From Liverpool catwalks to New York skylines and the LA Walk of Fame (What a shit hole ha.), I’ve enjoyed every single trip with you.

Long story short Louise, we love ya and hope you have an amazing birthday. Can’t wait to see Debbie & Chris with you in April, lets get to making more memories.

Love ya Mofo,

DDQ – Your most talented child. Also the better looking child. Also the most modest child.


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