Was 2020 all that bad?

Well, well, well. Again, I’ve made it through another year and if you did the same, give yourself a bloody big high five because life is tough!!

This year has been a whopper of a year, from Ms Rona making an appearance to social distancing and mask wearing. My anxiety has been peaking and trophing throughout this whole pandemic and lead me to keep strictly to my medication. It’s been horrendous and not what any of us expected.

Coronavirus has lead me to lose people in my life, it’s pulled us all away from close family members and left us missing our old lives. However, there is one thing to remember. Everything in life is temporary and we will all be reunited ASAP. That’s what has to happen to keep us going.

You may be confused by this blog post title: Was 2020 all that bad? Because the obvious answer is, duh, yes! However for me, it’s been quite good. Now I’m gonna have to get all soppy because as you know this blog is a place for me to wear my heart on my sleeve and let out all my feelings. You know I got a load of those.

In late 2019, I met a boy. A boy who was weird AF and chewed my ear off so much so, I remember thinking “When is he gonna shut up and let me talk”. Despite talking me to death I decided to let this fella have a second date. He did after all make me laugh my head off and didn’t question my anxiety when I didn’t want to eat my bacon fries. In fact, he was pleased I didn’t finish them so he could.

2020 lead to more dates and finally Craig asked me to be his girlfriend in February after an eventful trip to Edinburgh. We made lasting memories and enjoyed each other’s company more, it was then Craig realised he wasn’t the only weird one. I was just as bizarre.

Since Feb, we have moved in together, decorated an apartment, spent birthdays and lockdown together, been on holidays and had our very first Christmas. It has been amazing. The difference I feel within myself has honestly done me the world of good – don’t get me wrong I’m still a moody bitch but having someone who loves and supports me no matter what has been the loveliest thing. He even loves me when I’m panicking or worrying over nothing, he may not understand anxiety but he gives it a good go and would do almost anything for me. I also love that his solution for anything is “Chicken Nuggets” or “Takeout?”

For those of you who are yet to meet Craig (Bloody Pandemic!!) – let me tell you all the things I love about him (vommmm)

⁃ He has the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

⁃ He is hilarious. I don’t wanna contribute to him getting a bigger head but he’s so random and has the same wicked sense of humour as me. He’s me in male form I tell you. Albeit, he’s calmer.

⁃ He a GREAT cook. Whenever we have a meal, it’s always fresh ingredients and no processed shite.

⁃ He doesn’t judge me for my anxiety and tries to understand it.

⁃ He compliments me when I make self deprecating jokes.

⁃ He loves spa days and bath bombs just as much as me.

⁃ He is accepting of my family and the LGBTQ+ community (this was really important to me)

⁃ We have the same morals. He is a good person who wants to do right. (FUCK THE TORIES)

⁃ We make a great team. I love that he can tell me anything and I can him, knowing we will keep it between us.

⁃ He doesn’t like to bitch and he’s not negative like me (although after a drink he does like a gossip and I bloody love it)

⁃ Finally, his family are just lovely. They have taken to me so easily. Some families are weird about adding someone new but I’ve never felt out of place with them. I speak to his mum regularly and his brother keeps me on my toes with his ‘jokes’. I wouldn’t swap them for anything, I’ve deffo got it cushty.

So despite losing my job, becoming penniless and losing a family member due to the pandemic, I would say 2020 did have a silver lining…in the shape of a 6ft1 (I still say 5ft11) closet Ginger Pilot. He’s changed my life for the better and taught me valuable lessons.

This year has been a bit of a write off for what we had planned but we still managed a cheeky getaway to Santorini at least. The vlog is on my YouTube should you wish to watch: https://youtu.be/vJdRdJAwAmU

I’d say the year has been balanced. It’s for sure been ups and downs but I’ve honestly never been happier. Maybe that was Craig? Maybe that was my new tits? I’ve definitely grown more confident since having the 800 grams added to my chest.

Being so happy makes me look forward to the future, I cannot wait to see what is in store. I have so much planned: from holidays to Dubai and starting my Business Degree. I’m so excited!! Fingers crossed we can all go back to normality.

Side note: I know I am super lucky and I am not taking away from this awful pandemic. It’s been hell. I’m just showcasing that my year hasn’t been all bad, we have to have some positivity right? I love reflecting on the year and it’s 100% been better than the last.

Thank you for reading guys, see you in the New Year and look after yourselves. Remember: Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health. Always talk. My inbox is always open.

Soz for the soppiness hunsssss



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