Birthday Boy ft. Party Playlist

It’s finally here!! Craigy is 26! He is basically 30 but lets just say he’s 26 so he doesn’t have a heart attack. He already said he feels old – haha, wait til we have kids. Then he’ll feel ancient!

Another fabulous birthday has arrived and I couldn’t be happier, by the looks of his face with his presents, he couldn’t either.

This post is for you my darling, to wish you the happiest of birthdays. You are the most supportive, caring and loving boyfriend a girl could ask for. You make me unbelievably proud with your morals, I’m proud of the way you support the LGBTQ+ community with me. You listen to me (as best as you can without zoning out), you are there for me when I’m in a grump and you’re always there to cheer anyone up with your weird impressions and jokes. Everyone who meets you loves you, you have such an infectious personality. We make such an amazing team! I’m beyond grateful and lucky to have you.

So Bestie, enjoy this playlist of songs that reminds me of us including the first song we belted in the car (Sweet Escape) and our favourite Bond song (Nobody Does It Better). You really are the best.

We have a very eclectic music taste haha.

Love ya bubs,


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