Belfast With The Bestie

We’re back from Belfast and had a great time! Those that know me, know that I hate history. I’m sorry to say it but I have hated the subject ever since high school with Mrs Burke ranting on about Gandhi. It’s just a no from me huns to be honest.

However, I am now a changed woman. Yes, like what the fuck. I actually enjoyed a political history tour with Stevie from Belfast Cab Tours. It was amazing to listen to someone who had lived through the troubles, from someone who went to sleep one night in the Catholic part of town to then be awoken in the morning to a giant wall separating him from his friends in the Protestant community. I’d never heard of this, only from Derry Girls but it was so interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. Although Ireland is now at peace, they still live with the wall between the communities and the gates still close every night at 6pm. It is CRAZY! If you’re interested, give it a google.

Whilst we were in Belfast we visited;

  • Ulster Museum – This is free and contains, art, history and culture
  • Botanic Gardens – This is free to walk around, lovely picture opportunities
  • St. Georges Market – A free market with small shops, the best part is the food. Yes to Parmesan Potatoes!
  • City Bus Tour – Cheap but one every hour which isn’t ideal
  • The Titanic Museum – To be honest this was shite, it SANK what more can ya learn?
  • Crumlin Road Gaol – The prison was interesting but I was expecting much more. I didn’t particularly like the fact it glorifies criminals. They have a video of the names of executions and although I don’t believe in capital punishment, I also don’t believe that we should praise criminals??? Weird.
  • Political Mural Tour – BEST PART OF THE TRIP. Like I said above, I was obsessed.

We ate at fabulous restaurants, a particular fave was Granny Annies! A must visit. It is a restaurant themed to look like a Granny’s house and the furniture is all on the ceiling. You can legit sit in Annies wardrobe to eat! Great quality food too!

Check out our pics below;

For those wanting to visit Belfast, I’d recommend no more than two nights as it is small with not much to do, but it’s worth a visit.

As always, I have laughed my absolute socks off with Mr McGregor – even if it was at the bus stops waiting for the bloody tour bus. You make my life so much brighter.

All the best for now folks,


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