Opinions: When Do They Cross The Line?

Buckle up huns and grab yourself a good old cuppa char, because this is gonna be a heavily opinionated post and you all know I like to ruffle some feathers every now and then. As you will know, I am a really emotional writer and can only write good content when there is a purpose behind my words. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good birthday post but they’re just short and for fun where as you can tell the ones that mean the most to me by the length and passion behind it.

To be honest, I had no idea what to write for this week’s post as I have so many unfinished drafts, however they’re not up to standard so I figured I’d potentially leave them for another year, LOL. Yes, I have posts written from last year. Anyway, little miss waffle is going on a tangent. Bring your attention back.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I am entitled to them, just as you are.

I don’t know about you and I can only speak for myself but I remember being told by a parent (you can guess which) not to discuss politics, religion or sex with others. Maybe this was because they were brought up that way, maybe because they wanted me to avoid conflict or maybe because it is generally just the rule of thumb that so many people follow and agree with. However, you guessed it, I don’t. Fuck society rules. If I want to discuss something, then I’ll do it. Of course, I’d take into consideration whether people would feel uncomfortable etc. I judge the audience.

I find topics that have passion behind them much more interesting to talk about than if someone broke a nail. For example; Politics. Now, I know this is controversial but why not open the discussion? It honestly helps you filter who is good for you and who is not. That sounds mean, but trust me, later on you will thank yourself and I will tell you why later in the post.

With Politics you know I am a strong labour voter. Strong with a capital S. I love Corbyn and what the party stand for. Starmer? A little bit of a different opinion with him but I vote for the manifesto not the leader as many of you should. Do I hate the Tories? Absolutely. Do I hate all Tories? Not necessarily (maybe) – what I try to do is question why people vote for certain parties and it is their right to vote for who they want. If they respond with that they agree with the manifesto, then that is absolutely ok. If people respond with “My parents vote for them, so I do.” That isn’t a valid answer and a massive cop out. If you’re old enough to vote, you’re old enough to do your own research.

A lot of the time Conservatives are elitist. They’re selfish and don’t have much compassion for those that are less privileged than you and I. Now as I said before, it is everyone’s individual right to who they vote for but what I cannot stand is people who I know and admired voting for a party that gives members of their family less rights…so this is where the title comes into play. When are opinions crossing the line? For example; if your opinion is to bring Section 28* in (Fuck off Maggie) and you vote for the conservatives for this reason then I do not want to know you. Of course, that is an example as thank god Section 28 was reappealed. If your opinion is to vote for a party because they are allowing the tradition of fox hunting to go ahead, then again I don’t want to know you. If your opinion is saying no to immigrants and refugees (Hello, Britain First readers…get off my page) then I do not want to know you. When your ‘opinion’ can affect somebodies life then it no longer becomes an opinion.

See, this is why when I told you above you can filter out those who belong in your life and those who don’t. By asking them their opinions, you can normally grasp what type of person they are, what type of morals they have etc and that is incredibly important to me. Ask Craig. We often have hard hitting discussions and more often than not agree because we have the same morals although he does like to play Devils advocate and get my brain working. I’m grateful for this as sometimes discussions can change opinions. Even me of all people, who is stubborn as hell, can change my opinion if it is brought to my attention during a discussion. Being who I am, I wouldn’t be able to love, or create a family with someone who had little compassion.

Is it right to filter friends out because of their opinions? Sometimes. If their opinion is about a certain style or something that is general then of course not but when it is something you’re passionate about then yes. I know life would be boring if everyone was the same and don’t get me wrong, I love a debate however I also love a stress free life and love vibing with people who are on the same wave length as me. A modest (LOL), decent human being.

I’m not entirely sure if this post has made sense to any of you but it does to me and I’m getting my feelings out whilst they’re flowing.

Would you cut people out for not agreeing with you? Do you like the debates and arguments? Let me know what you think?

Best wishes to you all, apart from those who have zero compassion.


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