She’s Only Gone & Done It!

I cannot tell you how long I have waited to write this post…actually it’s been about three years but not three years of saving. In fact, it’s been quite the journey and left me feeling so ashamed. I’m so happy to say I have FINALLY paid my credit card off!!!

A good few months ago I admitted to the world that I had a problem and chose to let people in on my personal debt story – I did this as a way of holding myself accountable and I thought that it would help, it did to a certain extent. I really struggle with temptation so having a credit card sat on my account with money in was just an accident waiting to happen. I used to pay the minimum payment and then spend it again?! I mean what sense does that make? None. I had been lying to myself and others thinking this was okay and it certainly was not. The longer I waited to pay my credit card, the more interest I paid. Trust me huns, it was not worth it.

Finally, I have paid it all off and although it could have been much worse I am just so glad that it’s done. If I hadn’t of had the support of others then I don’t think it would have been paid this quick. Just to be clear, I have paid this debt myself along with a gift from my Parents. Craig had no financial part of this and for that I am very grateful. Craig has encouraged me so much and taught me a lot about money – he is so responsible and often what I call ‘tight’ but in reality it’s being frugal lol.

I have a plan to save using the 50% 30% 20% method which I will go into detail more on another blog post and keep you updated with how that goes. It is essentially a plan to use 50% of my wage on bills, 30% on ‘fun’ and 20% goes into my savings. I am so excited to build savings and build a future for myself. I have some exciting plans career wise that I hope come to fruition – I’ll be manifesting that!

Thank you to every one for your kind and encouraging words. It has been hard and especially hard emotionally looking back at the mistakes I made. I am so ashamed of getting myself into that situation, it was so silly and I’m happy to say I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! It isn’t worth the mental stress for me and I do not want to lose my nearest and dearest.

Tonight I am celebrating by baking cupcakes and going to the driving range with Craig – it’s something we’ve both been saying we will do as a date night but never got around to doing it.

I’m so excited for what the future brings!

Lots of love huns,

A financially free & stable,


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