Klarna Drama

Today’s post is a little different and after discussing with Craig, I feel the need to share with you all and get different opinions on the matter.

I was aimlessly scrolling through Tik Tok as I frequently do on an evening and came across a very honest woman, talking about her debt in a video. Knowing my own situation, I followed her as I wanted to watch her journey as she was documenting how much she had paid off and spent. I thought maybe she would have tips and tricks. This woman is called Yasmine Camilla. You may of heard of her before as she was an influencer before talking openly about her financial situation. This however, was my first encounter.

To begin with I found her relatable, she was trying hard to conquer her debt and I felt some sort of connection as I know how easy it is to get yourself into these abhorrent situations. She was in a vulnerable state when it came to her finances and so am I. Don’t get me wrong I am much stronger than I was when I had a credit card but I am still building myself up to trusting myself again. Yasmines openness drew me in because you all know that I am too an open book when it comes to my life – I mean duh, I have a blog.

As a fan, I religiously tuned in and checked her Tik Tok for updates until I saw a video about Klarna. Klarna Bank AB, commonly referred to as Klarna, is a Swedish fintech company that provides online financial services such as payments for online storefronts and direct payments along with post-purchase payments.

The video is below should you wish to catch up.

The long and short of the video is that Klarna have offered to pay off Yasmines account. Now, I know that if anyone had offered to pay my debt then I would have taken it so I am not accusing Yasmine here. I am angry with Klarna. When did it become okay to treat others one way and someone else another? Yasmine is an influencer so I understand they have made some sort of business deal with her. They have essentially said that they will pay off her Klarna account if she could talk about it on her Tik Tok, therefore promoting them. This is so wrong. Yasmine will have done this out of desperation and I totally get that, but promoting Klarna and using their name in your Tik Toks who are seen by so many financially vulnerable people is not ok.

I have never had a Klarna account and never will, I’m actually surprised I never had one. I knew they fucked up credit score and that they were a money hungry business who prayed on young women. I say women because they purposely market Klarna at the younger generation, branding it pink to fit with what society thinks women should like.

If you read the comments on Yasmines Tik Tok, you can see that many other girls have contacted Klarna and been told to basically swivvel. They can’t have their debt frozen, they can’t take a break from payments. It isn’t fair. I know that people shouldn’t get themselves into debt in the first place but it has become so easy that most of the nation are struggling with it. Probably you too. I have so much compassion towards this because I have been in this situation. It isn’t nice, it kept me up most nights and it really is not worth the stress.

Thankfully I am in a much better place financially – my money is now mine but for some other vulnerable people, they still have a way to go and the last thing they need is an influencer promoting a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ scheme.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know. Am I being dramatic? Or am I standing up for what is right?

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2 thoughts on “Klarna Drama

  1. There needs to be some kind of government campaign for credit companies. People are allowed to go into debt when they obvioysly canot afford to pay it back, on top of that companies allow additional credit cards used to pay off other debts, this then snowballs. There seems to be not thought given to people who borrow from peter to pay paul. At what point do they say NO, from past experience they don’t meaning peoples debt spirals. They are playing with peoples lives, their mental health and well being. Its all too easy to borrow money there neds to be more scrutiny before allowing people to borrow or get credit cards.
    Young people seem to live for the here and now and in some respects thats good but in relation to finances not so good. Perhaps finance and credit scores, credit and budgeting should be on the school curriculum.

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    1. I 100% agree with this. I think finances should be taught as well as budgeting because I know I had no idea to the value of money. It’s absolutely awful that someone in various amounts of debt can then go and get another loan or credit card to pay the exisiting one off. It is a visious cycle and it doesn’t get better quickly. It sort of becomes an addiction too to continuously spend money that isn’t ours. If there aren’t really many consequences and you can easily get more debt then thats the easy way and people will continue to do that.


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