Bra Measuring & Lingerie Try On Haul

Saturday I went to get my bra measured as I’m now 6 weeks post op! It’s gone by so quickly, I’m now allowed to wear normal bras woo! This short vlog includes, try ons, my experience and showing you what I bought. For more information and blog posts, visit DDQ XO

Under The Knife Surgery Day

A short vlog about surgery day 15/1/20. The day was incredibly quick and as soon as I arrived I was more or less in theatre. The afternoon was spent eating toast and facetimeing family so apologies this vlog isn’t better. I will however be filming updates as well as what to pack in a surgeryContinue reading “Under The Knife Surgery Day”

My Thrupenny Bits – Part 2

Hey guys, I’m starting to get into this vlogging malarkey but will always find time to write, thats my true passion. I’ve finally got around to filiming stages one, two and three of the MYA Cosmetic Surgery journey. This includes the first inital consultation, the meeting with the surgeon and the pre operative appointment. I’veContinue reading “My Thrupenny Bits – Part 2”

Let’s talk about my ‘Brad Pitts’…

Hey guys! As you may have noticed these blog posts aren’t going to be regular, they’re going to be shared as and when I feel like posting. Like I’ve said before, this is my diary and I’m choosing to share the parts of it that can be publicised. Others cannot, as if you know meContinue reading “Let’s talk about my ‘Brad Pitts’…”