The Sims 4: 19 Culpepper Apartment Part 2

Part 2 Speed Decorating of 19 Culpepper House.

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The Happiest of Birthdays, Queen!

You all know how much I love to dedicate a post and it’s a special one for our Grandma’s 81st. It’s no secret how much we love and adore her, in fact I am always writing about her on social media. You’re probably sick of reading about it, but the bond we have with her is unreal and means so much to me.

For her birthday this year, I have decided to write an open letter to her to let her know how much we appreciate her and how she has shaped our lives. I have placed this blog post in a card for her to read – I do hope she approves.

Dear Grandma or should I say Our lady Maureen,

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays My Darling Girl! I hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it. I really mean that. You deserve the world and more. Thank you for being my best friend, thank you for lending your ear and advice when I’m going through a hard time and thank you for cheering me up with tea, biscuits and The Real Housewives.

You have been the most amazing Grandma throughout our lives and we are so grateful that you are always there for us. You were understanding and accepting when AJ came out – you provided my Mum with support and most of all you provided bundles of love for all of us. I will never forget that. Going through a confusing time such as that was hard but made all that much easier having someone we could talk too or turn too.

I have so many memories with you that I’ll treasure forever; like our sleepovers and talking til’ 3am about everything and nothing, going to get my ears pierced with you, baking all sorts of concoctions and spending the six week school holidays with you bringing every toy I had to your house. When I was bored you’d always entertain me, tell me to write a story or even hop and skip around the garden. I was probably looking like a right lunatic whilst you had a cheeky smoke on the back steps haha.

As a child I absolutely loved you picking me up from Nursery, mostly because there would be sweet treats under the pram. I loved those bags of Milky Buttons! Remember when you picked me up and the pram wheel fell off? That’s because you were feeding me up and making me fatter hahaha. That was the worst day ever – I had to walk!

I also loved it when my friends or people who didn’t know you, picked me up from your house because that meant they got to meet you. MY GRANDMA. I was so proud. I still am. Even at a young age I knew that you were one of a kind and not everyone had someone like you. I knew you were different – a superstar.

So Lady Maureen, pop the kettle on, dance around your kitchen to Jane McDonald and enjoy your birthday. You are a Queen and should always be treated like one. You are Simply The Best.

Lots of love,

Abbie X

I love her with all my heart. Happy 81st Legend!


Was 2020 all that bad?

Well, well, well. Again, I’ve made it through another year and if you did the same, give yourself a bloody big high five because life is tough!!

This year has been a whopper of a year, from Ms Rona making an appearance to social distancing and mask wearing. My anxiety has been peaking and trophing throughout this whole pandemic and lead me to keep strictly to my medication. It’s been horrendous and not what any of us expected.

Coronavirus has lead me to lose people in my life, it’s pulled us all away from close family members and left us missing our old lives. However, there is one thing to remember. Everything in life is temporary and we will all be reunited ASAP. That’s what has to happen to keep us going.

You may be confused by this blog post title: Was 2020 all that bad? Because the obvious answer is, duh, yes! However for me, it’s been quite good. Now I’m gonna have to get all soppy because as you know this blog is a place for me to wear my heart on my sleeve and let out all my feelings. You know I got a load of those.

In late 2019, I met a boy. A boy who was weird AF and chewed my ear off so much so, I remember thinking “When is he gonna shut up and let me talk”. Despite talking me to death I decided to let this fella have a second date. He did after all make me laugh my head off and didn’t question my anxiety when I didn’t want to eat my bacon fries. In fact, he was pleased I didn’t finish them so he could.

2020 lead to more dates and finally Craig asked me to be his girlfriend in February after an eventful trip to Edinburgh. We made lasting memories and enjoyed each other’s company more, it was then Craig realised he wasn’t the only weird one. I was just as bizarre.

Since Feb, we have moved in together, decorated an apartment, spent birthdays and lockdown together, been on holidays and had our very first Christmas. It has been amazing. The difference I feel within myself has honestly done me the world of good – don’t get me wrong I’m still a moody bitch but having someone who loves and supports me no matter what has been the loveliest thing. He even loves me when I’m panicking or worrying over nothing, he may not understand anxiety but he gives it a good go and would do almost anything for me. I also love that his solution for anything is “Chicken Nuggets” or “Takeout?”

For those of you who are yet to meet Craig (Bloody Pandemic!!) – let me tell you all the things I love about him (vommmm)

⁃ He has the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

⁃ He is hilarious. I don’t wanna contribute to him getting a bigger head but he’s so random and has the same wicked sense of humour as me. He’s me in male form I tell you. Albeit, he’s calmer.

⁃ He a GREAT cook. Whenever we have a meal, it’s always fresh ingredients and no processed shite.

⁃ He doesn’t judge me for my anxiety and tries to understand it.

⁃ He compliments me when I make self deprecating jokes.

⁃ He loves spa days and bath bombs just as much as me.

⁃ He is accepting of my family and the LGBTQ+ community (this was really important to me)

⁃ We have the same morals. He is a good person who wants to do right. (FUCK THE TORIES)

⁃ We make a great team. I love that he can tell me anything and I can him, knowing we will keep it between us.

⁃ He doesn’t like to bitch and he’s not negative like me (although after a drink he does like a gossip and I bloody love it)

⁃ Finally, his family are just lovely. They have taken to me so easily. Some families are weird about adding someone new but I’ve never felt out of place with them. I speak to his mum regularly and his brother keeps me on my toes with his ‘jokes’. I wouldn’t swap them for anything, I’ve deffo got it cushty.

So despite losing my job, becoming penniless and losing a family member due to the pandemic, I would say 2020 did have a silver lining…in the shape of a 6ft1 (I still say 5ft11) closet Ginger Pilot. He’s changed my life for the better and taught me valuable lessons.

This year has been a bit of a write off for what we had planned but we still managed a cheeky getaway to Santorini at least. The vlog is on my YouTube should you wish to watch:

I’d say the year has been balanced. It’s for sure been ups and downs but I’ve honestly never been happier. Maybe that was Craig? Maybe that was my new tits? I’ve definitely grown more confident since having the 800 grams added to my chest.

Being so happy makes me look forward to the future, I cannot wait to see what is in store. I have so much planned: from holidays to Dubai and starting my Business Degree. I’m so excited!! Fingers crossed we can all go back to normality.

Side note: I know I am super lucky and I am not taking away from this awful pandemic. It’s been hell. I’m just showcasing that my year hasn’t been all bad, we have to have some positivity right? I love reflecting on the year and it’s 100% been better than the last.

Thank you for reading guys, see you in the New Year and look after yourselves. Remember: Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health. Always talk. My inbox is always open.

Soz for the soppiness hunsssss



DDQ’s Christmas Gift Guide 2020

With what a shite year that 2020 has been, what better way to end the year than to have a banging Christmas?! Of course, Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and having fun but that’s not to say that presents don’t enhance the whole experience. Who doesn’t love a gift?!

Here you’ll find my ultimate girly gift guide, with ideas for that special woman in your life. The guide does indeed include NuSkin products as I am a affiliate however other items will be included and noted which I sell and which I don’t. Should you wish to find out more information about the NuSkin products, please message me or leave a comment and I can provide anything you would like to know and the discount codes accordingly.


ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit

Affiliate – all Nuskin products have discount on them!

If you’re looking for a beauty tool for thorough, gentle cleansing, look no further. The ageLOC LumiSpa, Nu Skin’s rechargeable, waterproof beauty device, provides exactly that and is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Within the kit you get:

• ageLOC LumiSpa Device

• ageLOC LumiSpa Silicone Head – Normal

• ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser – You can choose which suits your skin best via a skin quiz. The options are; Oily, Blemish Prone, Sensitive, Normal to Combination skin.

This cleanser is formulated with a blend of algae and plant extracts that will leave your complexion clear and refreshed, as well as our famous ageLOC ingredients to target the visible signs of skin ageing at the source. The Silicone Head and Activating Cleanser make great use of the device’s unique dual-motion movement, but this isn’t just what makes it so effective. Gently massaging these ingredients into the skin, it feels great too. Use it for just two minutes, twice per day, and turn every skincare routine into an at-home spa experience with visible, clinically-proven results that you’re sure to love.

I can honestly say I absolutely love the LumiSpa! I have had amazing results, it’s the perfect addition to any spa night or perfect for when you’re feeling a little stressed. Although it may be on the expensive’s an investment in my eyes. Who doesn’t want a spa facial treatment from the comfort of their own homes. You know what the best part is? It’s discounted for Christmas and it has 2 years full warranty!! That’s confidence in a product.

Moschino Minature Collection 2020

Available at Superdrug for £20!

Doesn’t every girl love perfume? I love this little set of minis and let me tell you the Teddy Bear perfume is unreal! A full bottle is £60/70 so this gift set is perfect.

What I really love about mini sets is, is that you can decide which perfume you like best without fully committing to 100ml. Minis are also a staple for your handbag.

£20 for this is an absolute bargain! Especially as it’s designer!

NuSkin Lip Plumping Balm

Affiliate – All NuSkin products have discount on them!

We all love the look of fuller lips. With this lightweight, hydrating lip plumper from Nu Colour, getting that plumped effect for yourself is easier than ever.

It glides on smoothly, bringing a refreshing sensation and a subtle hint of colour while leaving your lips feeling moisturised and smooth, with none of the uncomfortable stickiness you might experience with traditional lip balms. Perfect to use alone or as a base beneath your favourite shade of POWERlips Fluid, Nu Colour Lip Plumping Balm will bring your soft, plumped lips to life in an instant.

Say goodbye to filler and hello to a painless lip balm. A perfect stocking filler too!

River Island Silk Pyjamas

Available at River Island for £22

What’s more perfect than getting into your new PJs on Christmas night? NOTHING. Relaxing after your huge dinner is a must and trust me, a gal can never have too many pyjama sets.

This set is totally giving me Hugh Hefner vibes crossed with elegant lady of the manor. Very dynasty era and I’m here for it loves. River Island are usually quite expensive when it comes to clothing but these are a total bargain at £22! Snap these up before it’s too late!

NuSkin Powerlips

It’s no less than powerful women deserve, and it’s no less than they’ll get from POWERlips Fluid. In one easy step, you’ll find look-defining colour fit for any outfit, time or place. POWERlips Fluid takes just a single, one-step application to leave your lips cushioned, soothed, and smoothed, with an intense look that won’t smudge or transfer. With 18 matte and metallic tones to choose from, there’s a shade for every woman to rock her look and rock the world. Seriously powerful. Simply wow.

A bold statement lipstick is always on the cards for me, I simply can’t do without it. There’s nothing like commanding a room wearing this. Love them!

Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure

Available at Hotel Chocolat for £35

OMG! This is a chocoholics dream! Imagine being cosied up on a dark winter night sharing this in front of your favourite film with your family, friends or partner? Absolute vibes and I’m sure it would make a great Instagram picture lol.

I personally think all of this for £35 is a really good price for luxury chocolate. A present that can be great for the whole family!

NuColour Professional Makeup Brush Set

Affiliate – all NuSkin products are discounted

Perfect for use with all powders and liquids, Nu Skin’s collection of professional makeup brushes is a must-have for makeup users of all types, from beginners to the experts themselves. You’ll find six essential brushes in this collection, all carefully crafted with soft, synthetic bristles, designed to deliver just the right amount of product for a seamless blend and smooth finish:

  •  Powder
  •  Foundation
  •  Blush
  •  Eyeshadow
  •  Blending
  •  Eyebrow

In short, you’ll find everything you need to easily perfect your look, no matter your style, brought together in one handy, high-end collection. Everyone needs this set in their bags.


Remember when Mini Fridges were a thing of the early 2000’s when we all loved Groovy Chick and playing Dream Phone?? Well now they’re back and made specifically for your beauty products.

I love this idea and it’s great for storage too. After a hot bath I’d love to add cold moisturiser to my face and just relax. This is guaranteed to be a must for every beauty lover.

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer copper gift edition

Available at boots for £299

Yeeesh, now I know £299 is insane…but so is the time spent drying hair for girls who were blessed with thick hair. Drying my hair takes me about an hour to fully dry every inch but with this dryer it would take so much less time. Did I plant this on the list as a hint? Maybe…but I do think again that this is a gift that is an investment and I know the ladies will be with me on this one.

It’s fast drying with no extreme heat and comes with a storage bag. A lovely gift set that protects the hair.

AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Affiliate – all NuSkin products come with discount

There’s no better feeling than the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. This Nu Skin favourite gently lightens teeth, helps pre¬vent cavities and fights the formation of plaque, while its gentle, vanil¬la mint formula freshens breath for that long-lasting clean, just-brushed feeling. If your teeth are stained, darkened or soiled from various foods, tobacco, or drinks, AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste will remove the stains and return your teeth to their natural colour.

I have had clients purchase this from me and they have said it has changed the colour of their teeth within two weeks of using and their mouth feels cleaner. The Vanilla taste also tastes nicer than most toothpastes.

This toothpaste is a great stocking filler with its discounted price!

Yay you made it! That’s all in my gift far. I could sit here and list everything that I love or want but unfortunately ain’t nobody got time for that. Hopefully this has helped you shop for the ladies in your life or at least given you some ideas.

Remember to contact me if you are interested in any of the NuSkin Products as I can always get you a better price.

If I don’t post before Christmas, have a lovely time with your families and friends. I wish you an amazing time and New Year.

Love always,


A Serious Reality Check

Credit Card for Different Stage in Life | InsideINVEST

Hey guys,

Well hasn’t this been a while. I’ve not really paid much attention to this blog with having so much going on. I started DDQ Apparel, moved houses, got myself a maaaaaan and I’m planning for the future. With the future comes discussions and sometimes it’s hard discussions. Something I have had to emotionally go through today.

I am writing this in a bid to hold myself publicly responsible for my own actions. This is not for sympathy (especially not pity) and certainly not for attention. As many of you know, this blog is a place for me to express all the feelings and thoughts that go through my head. This may not be appropriate, but its how I am handling things. Putting certain subjects and thoughts out there is allowing myself to be shamed into making a change. This has to happen.

This will come as no surprise to those who know me, but I love to shop or as I call it treat myself. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this unless you go completely overboard every time like me. Some would call it self care to treat themselves and I agree. It gives you a small amount of pleasure for about ten minutes before the guilt and regret synchs in. Regret because you have spent your money on materialistic crap that you don’t need and now you have £10 in your bank and have ran up credit card debt. You’re then stuck. Stuck in debt.

Let me tell you how all of this started. It started from being very naïve about money. I have never been a good saver and money always burnt a hole in my pocket, it still does. I am full of anxiety and happiness when I have money in the bank and immediately have to get rid of it, to then experience the high of buying something new to then the come down of the realisation I am broke. I first applied for a credit card when I realised I couldn’t afford to keep paying for train tickets every weekend to go and see my boyfriend at the time. I would pay for the ticket (around £26.00 per weekend) and then pay it off once I got paid the next month. This was working out great…until I was being advertised products on social media, the internet, TV basically anywhere. I decided to buy myself an Apple Mac book. I figured this would be useful for my work (which it was) and I could transfer details easily from my iMac to my Mac book. This was a completely unnecessary purchase as I had a perfectly good HP laptop which was only a few months old. But oh no, Abbie George has to have the most aesthetically pleasing looking laptop a girl can find. Buying this made it harder to keep on top of payments, of course. Such a silly move and I can see that now that I am not standing for it anymore. The amount of people reading this and shaking their heads would be correct. It is so mortifying how impulsive and slap dash I am with money.

After the Mac Book incident, I struggled with paying it off and chose only to complete minimum payments. This went on for a while, still to this day and I would say it has been about a year maybe two. I had convinced myself that it would be good to get a credit card and keep on top of payments as Martin Lewis advised it would be good for credit scores…but I couldn’t be trusted and somehow thought of it as this magic card in which I could present at the check out and buy anything I wanted too (not exactly there was a limit). How wrong was I. I spent and spent, I wanted to gift other people all the time, go to restaurants because I couldn’t be arsed cooking, treat myself when I was feeling down about the debt etc…it is a vicious cycle.

I have this bad habit of checking my bank everyday. On average, I would say I check it five to ten times a day and every time, its the same. Secretly, I’m hoping some magic money fairy will come and take that minus sign away…but of course, that will not happen. It is up to me to make that disappear. A lot of the time I push the thought of it to the back of my head and pretend it doesn’t exist. This helps me to forget about it for a few hours but in those hours I’d most likely spend…so it is no use. This debt weighs on me so heavily because I’m not one to want to be in trouble. I used to shit myself if I ever did something wrong at school. I am morally a good person. I do not want to struggle and I do not want people to help me when I have created a negative situation. I am sure lots of people will be in way more debt than I am, 100%. In fact, in the grand scheme of things I imagine mine wouldn’t be that much however without a job…it’s a lot.

Aside from the fact of holding myself publicly responsible and shaming myself into paying this horrible burden off, I wanted to write this as a farewell from Social Media. I know, I know. You’re thinking bloody hell again…girl you’re on and off more than a light switch. I think the same lol, I’m a mess. This time I think its really important for mental health (as always) but to stay away from shopping. The amount of advertisements I get that are targeted and I click them to put something in my online shopping basket is unreal. It is no wonder I am in debt. I am deleting both Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (Twitter isn’t so bad but there are still sponsored posts) as well as all my shopping apps on my phone. I am proactively unsubscribing to shopping newsletters and looking to work on my willpower as I currently have none.

Whilst on Social media, I also have the habit of comparing my life to others and that cannot continue. It sucks the happiness out of you and I know others do it too. Another good reason to get off Social Media until I am strong enough and secure enough to cope with that.

This post is serious and even though it may sound self deprecating, it is true what debt can do. I wake up worried, I go to sleep worried. Don’t get me wrong I have a great family who support me but I know that this is my own doing and responsibility to make this better. if anyone takes anything anyway from this personal post, its that credit cards are not fun. They’re real and can be damaging if not in the hands of a sensible person. Movies glamourize this. I mean look at Isla Fishers character in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.

BBC Two - Confessions of a Shopaholic

She ends up in tons of debt but like every Hollywood Movie she magically gets it all sorted within one hour and thirty minutes. Life isn’t a Hollywood Movie. You do NOT need that bag or those shoes, you do not need to impress people on social media, you do not need to brag or go to fancy restaurants. You just need to be happy and contrary to what I used to believe, Money doesn’t achieve happiness.

I am incredibly scared to post this but I know its for the best and I know I will help people and myself. Credit card debt averaged at £2241 per household and £1184 per adult this year according to The Money Charity. I know I am not alone. I know that I have made silly decisions and I also know people are way worse off.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading my rants and stupidity. I appreciate your support at these uncertain times. Fingers crossed I will become employed soon and can tackle this shite as soon as possible.

Big up to HMRC who have hit me with a tax bill – love yas xoxo

I will smash it…eventually.


2019 – Thanks but No Thanks.

I’ve only gone and bloody made it! A whole year of up’s and downs and I’m still here to live to tell the tale of a basic bitches “New Year, New Me’.

2019 has been the year I learnt a lot about myself, I’ve experienced issues with body confidence, lost friends, felt my heart break and learnt how to ‘boss up & change my life’ (Thanks Lizzo.) It’s so easy to slip into a negative outlook, just like I’m glad to see 2019 disappear however I’m truly grateful for the blessings this year has given me.

After six short but gruelling months I left a job I truly hated. I was sold the dream of an amazing job in Business Travel and sure, it was Business Travel but it was essentially a call centre which I knew I didn’t want. Both the job and my mental health weren’t great at that time and it’s when I decided to leave that 2019 began. When I was really down, I was yet to know that my life would make a positive change.

Down and depressed, I searched endlessly for job opportunities. This is one of the most difficult things for anyone these days. There are jobs you need experience for but no one lets you experience it before employing you?! I was stuck in a cycle of rejection for a good few weeks until a friend offered me the job opportunitiy of a lifetime. I was offered to work from home for a Dubai based events & entertainment company. Something like this doesn’t come your way every day, so of course I said I wanted in! From this I’ve met some incredibly talented and driven people, and experienced life in the Sand Pit twice. I mean who gets to go to Dubai on the regs?! Oh that’s right…me!

MARCH 2019
March brought the very much anticipated holiday to Gran Canaria with my hoe bag pal (He ain’t a hoe, its just how I show affection alright?) Ben. We had the best time. Ben experienced his first Carrie Bradshaw Cosmopolitan, I asked a German if he spoke German (Obvs ya thick shit) and we spent many a night cleaning out Super Dino of their Frexinet Prosecco to then have 80’s pop quizzes on the balcony. It is probably one of the best holidays I’ve been on, don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as in my life. We stayed at the Radisson in Puerto Mogan, pure bliss for a chilled week away.

APRIL 2019
I took my first trip to Dubai in April. I’d been anxious about the impending trip for a while. Not because I had anything to be anxious about but more of the fact, I hated flying, had never been anywhere abroad on my own and never thought I’d get there. Just a few months earlier, I was feeling sick everytime I set foot out of the house so this was a kick ass achievement. I had an amazing time, I met my DXB work team for the first time, attended an awards ceremony, ate immense amounts of Nandos and shopped til I dropped. Oh I worked too… but not as much as I shopped LOL.

I also met one of the nicest girls out there, Georgina. Not to be cringe or anything but she is one of the most kick ass, no nonsense bitches I know. Definitely a blessing I met her. Oh and she totally bought me a Mario Badescu giftset and a ‘fuck you’ candle for Christmas, if that don’t say true friend then I don’t know what does.

MAY 2019
May was totally jam packed. I went to London for a little shopping trip with my brother, if ya didn’t know by now I literally visit other places to shop at the same shops we have here in Manchester. Lol. Then, Bridesmaids Dress shopping was on the cards for my cousins wedding in July 2020. We chose the exact ones we wanted and everybody is totally gonna style the shit out of them. Finally, I was asked to be Nellie Rae Cassidy’s God Mother. As if someone would ask me to be a God Mother?! I was shocked but totally grateful. I love little Nellie Noodles to bits, she’s definitely brightened all of our lives.

JUNE 2019
My brothers business Rainbow & Co. set up a stall at Blackpool Pride. I was eager to join and of course support a community that means so much to me. I did my makeup perfectly with the new Morphe Pride palette, stuck on some purple lipstick and was ready to shine. Funny story is, when we arrived it was pissing it down, we were situated in what can only be described as a tesco carrier bag tent near the sea and it was windy as hell. I rang my Dad crying and got a lift home from Blackpool, leaving my Mum and Brother to continue to sell in the rain. Soz folks, this Drama Queen cannot deal with a bit of rain.

JULY 2019
July was a wake up call for me, I left a shitty relationship after having enough of the back and forth over the previous months. We were on and off more than a feckin light switch. After I left, I realised I needed to have a total new outlook on life so I did the break up bob. New haircut, new life and I felt super empowered to conquer all. Girls it’s true, a ‘Shampoo press’ really does get them out of your hair. July wasn’t all bad, in fact, Delusional Drama Queen was born. The blog that has helped me through so much and I’m truly grateful to have.

Yay! The month I officially became Nellie’s God Mother. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and everyone scrubbed up right well. After the God Squad talk was over, we went back to my cousins for the after party and let me tell you, pouring wine into a pint glass is not big or clever. I drank a whole bottle of wine to myself without making the proper measurements and was hungover be 7pm that night. Wine headaches are the worst!

I also experienced Dubai again! This time I took a tour of the city, did some more shopping and sunbathed in 49 degree heat. For a casper like me, I’m surprised I even made it back to Manchester alive and not frazzled.

A lil trip to the Zoo and a stay over in Liverpool (my fave UK city) was in order. My brother loves the Zoo and I fancied it, so went along with him. I’ve decided I would like to own one of those little meerkats, they’re super cute but not as cute as the Tapirs. They’re lazy just like me. Total spirit animal. We also saw a monkey fully having a *Ham Shank* – I’ve never felt so violated at a Zoo.

We shopped like crazy in Liverpool (theres a common theme here) and the new Morphe store was open so I was absolutely hyped. We had a fab time.

*If ya don’t know what cockney rhyming slang is for Ham Shank. Google it, ya little eggplant*

Nellie Noodles turned one! I can’t believe how fast the year had gone, it only seemed like two minutes ago I was scared to hold her in the hospital in case I squished her head up. Ya know the little soft bit on a newborns head? Yeah rank. She’s now a sassy little diva just like her Mum and Auntie Abs. Love her.

October also brought me one of the best concerts of my life. Cher! A once in a lifetime opportunity and a Diva ticked off my bucket list. Easily the best part of 2019 for me. I really needed some fun and thats exactly what I had. My heart could burst with pride talking about Cher, so I’ll stop.

The birth month of this Delusional Drama Queen. Where would ya all be without me? Best thank my Mam & Dad for creating a superstar. This birthday was super special, even though twenty two doesn’t seem a special age, I just felt showered with love. Work had sent cake & prosecco to my door, my friend sent flowers with a cute positive quote and I had lots of cards and presents. I was completely overwhelmed.

I also visited Alton Towers with my Best Friend and Brother. We had an awesome time and if you havent ridden on the new rollercoaster ‘Wickerman’ you need too. I was crying laughing I loved it that much.

IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS. Not only was it Christmas, it was the return of the Shipman/West family. No not Harold or Rose and Fred for those serial killer creeps out there. Gavin & Stacey of course! – I was super excited to watch this and loved it. Not as much as I thought I would but I definitely have missed seeing Miss Pamela Shipman on our screens. Oh and Nessa, tidy.

2020 PLANS
I’ve never been one to do the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ speech but this year I am and I don’t even care. I’m leaving negativity behind in 2019 as well as certain people and going into 2020 with a new lease of life. My new knockers will be here soon, as will some exciting stuff for this blog and the brand Delusional Drama Queen. Keep your eyes peeled guys.

I wish you and your familys a happy and successful New Year. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year, wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Peace and love, hoe bags.

DDQ – Abs XO

My Thrupenny Bits – Part 2

Hey guys, I’m starting to get into this vlogging malarkey but will always find time to write, thats my true passion.

I’ve finally got around to filiming stages one, two and three of the MYA Cosmetic Surgery journey. This includes the first inital consultation, the meeting with the surgeon and the pre operative appointment. I’ve made this for girls who are thinking of getting this procedure done, however I’m sure future videos once I have had the surgery will be more educational. There is not a lot I can do right now except answer questions on what the process is like up until surgery.

Please watch the video below if this strikes your interest.

Thanks for watching the video. Not every video is going to be about the BA process, no way. It’s just currently what’s going on at the moment. I plan on having another video out before the end of the year, to look back on 2019. It’s good to look back at the ups and downs, and to look at what I am most grateful for.

Again, thanks for tuning in. More content to come!

Love, the Delusional Drama Queen, Abs


This is a Woman’s World

Cherilyn Sarkisian, you have my whole heart and in all honesty, ‘All I really wanna do, is baby be friends with you’. That’s right folks! I will indeed fill this post with as many Cher related puns as I can because I damn well can.

The 24th October will certainly go down in history as one of the best nights of my life, the iconic Cher graced us with her prescence performing another concert. She’s had at least a decade of farewell tours but is back and performing as if shes never had a break! The woman is 73!! Her vocals were incredible and I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

I’d been working in the day, and everytime I thought about Cher I literally got those excitment shits. Not to be crude but you all know what I’m talking about for sure. The butterflies just wouldn’t stop so I knew when the time to actually embark on our travels to Manchester Arena, I would feel totally sick. Sick in a nervous way. Outside of the Arena my heart was beating and I couldn’t ‘Believe’ I was going to be in the same room as Cher. Fucking CHER. I’ve loved her forever, and quite honestly I have no idea how she was introduced to me. My Mum had never played her, it was always ABBA in the car for us but I think Cher’s campness and theatricality called to the inner Drama Queen in me. Plus, lets be honest she does have some banging songs.

The show started with Paul Young (Yawn, the USA got Nile Roders & Chic for the supporting act. Gutted!), I literally had no idea who Paul was but as soon as I saw a grey haired man on the screen I though oh well lets give him a go. I have a thing for silver foxes LOL. Let me tell you, I was totally wrong. Paul Young is a no go for me. The camera zooming in did not give me the Silver Fox I was looking for. God damn my Sugar Daddy obsession. Anyway, moving on. A montage of Cher filled the screen, documenting her life and career. At that moment, I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I’d already been an emotional mess that week (read The Desperation for Happiness post) so this was really making me cry. I just felt proud. Proud of her as a person. I don’t know the gal personally but I know that Cher does not believe in herself as much as you’d think. Hence the Oscar’s speech for ‘Moon Struck’ –

“I don’t think that this means that I am somebody, but I guess I’m on my way” – Cher 1998 60th Academy Awards

If Cher saw me crying what would she do? “She’d slap me and iconically say “Snap out of it!” LOL

Despite all of the fame and success, there lies an amazing, compassionate woman and thats what I admire her for most. Her love for the LGBTQ+ community, her hate for dickhead Donald and Bellend Boris and her feminism just make my heart full. I’d recently read that Cher last thought she was pretty in 1987, she literally is every woman in the world. A superstar like her has insecurites just like the rest of us, she’s relatable and even more so relatable to me as she has a trans child. I have a trans brother. (See post: How to be an Ally) I know to some degree how she felt.

As a youngster, she never fit in with her family. She is half Armenian and didn’t look like her Mother or Sister, she felt like an outsider and it wasn’t until Sonny came along helping her become a star that she realised she was someone special.

After my teary outburst, Cher appeared in a daring, electric blue wig singing “Womans World” hanging from the ceiling done in true Cher style. Iconic. All night I sang my heart out to classics such as; Strong Enough, Believe, Shoop Shoop Song, Walking in Memphis, I Found Someone, I Got You Babe (With an on screen Sonny Bono!) and of course Turn Back Time. To end the show she performed Believe, and guess what? I cried. Of course it was upsetting to know the incredible show had come to an end but I was again overwhelmed. Any Cher song has the ability to cheer me up and after this past few weeks I needed it.

Just recently, as you know I haven’t been feeling myself and lost all self worth. I just didn’t believe in myself but hearing Cher sing sort of reignighted the fire inside of me. Cringe, I know. I hate when people say shit like that but it’s true. She’s my hero and she wouldn’t sit moping around, waiting for the depression to further sink in. She’d get up and perfom to the best of her ability. If Cher is 73 and can perform every couple of nights then I’m sure 21 year old me can muster up enough energy to live my life.

Below I’ve linked the Canadian version of the show, purely because my videos have me singing for my life in the background and I honestly thought I could hold a tune…that evidence says otherwise. Those who say “I’m not bad at performing Cher’s Shoop Shoop song when I’m pissed” are liars! Instilled false confidence in me, LOL.

Please note: This is not my video. Outfits are slightly different also.

Cher, you are my absolute hero and I thank you from the deep pits of my black heart for making me realise that I should ‘Believe’ in myself and that I am ‘Strong Enough’ to get through any battle, especially the daily one that goes on in my mind. I love you so much. I’ve always got you babe.

Lots of love,

Your biggest fan, the Delusional Drama Queen.